As the search landscape evolves, who will win the race? Answer engines powered by AI or social media platforms?

It’s no surprise that the rapid growth of TikTok has ruffled feathers at Google HQ. 😲

In the UK alone the channel is now reaching 45% of internet users, that’s 22.3 million people! 👤

While mostly depicted as the channel for entertainment, trends indicate that TikTok is fast becoming the number one search engine of choice.🔎

✨In a recent US survey, 74% of Gen Z reported using TikTok search. And 51% of survey respondents chose TikTok over Google as their search engine of choice.✨

Why the trend? 🤔
🎬 Video results offer a more engaging experience
👩‍🔧 Relatable and personalised answers
📲 An all in one platform for consuming social and search content

❓What is TikTok doing about it?
In August TikTok launched Search Ads Toggle as an option within TikTok Ads Manager. This allows brands to serve ads in TikTok search results alongside organic results.

❓And what are Google doing about it we hear you ask…
It has been reported that TikTok is testing displaying links to Google search results from its own internal search results page, seemingly confirming that they are actively testing third party integrations – including one with the giants of search themselves, Google.

While no official partnership has been announced, Google could be seeking to drive users back to their search engine and getting on board with TikTok is probably a good idea.🤝

Data: Ofcom Online Nation 2023 & Her Campus Media August 2023

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