In today’s fast-paced world, staying up-to-date with the latest trends can be a daunting task.At RTD, we stay on top of marketing news to understand how shifting practices will affect our clients so we can identify potential opportunities and maximize value to deliver results.So here are some of the latest digital marketing news and updates that you need to know about.

New B2B Advertising Audiences from Meta – Available Now 

Although LinkedIn is the first platform we think of when it comes to B2B targeting, Facebook is introducing broader audience groups based on job titles:

  • “IT decision-makers” targets a segment of people in the IT industry based on their job titles.
  • Business decision-makers titles and interests” targets people who are business decision makers based on their job titles.
  • Business decision-makers” targets people in several industries such as IT, HR, strategy marketing, engineering, and IT based on their job titles.
  • “New active business” Admins of business accounts created in the past 6, 12, and 24 months. (Each timeframe is a separate segment).

This could be an exciting cost-effective alternative to LinkedIn advertising, the only challenge is Facebook Users are less likely to update or post their real job titles which may result in a lower quality of accuracy and results when targeting these segments.

Meta’s New Personalised Ads Is A Big Win For Small Businesses – Available Now

Meta’s new personalised ads match will help small businesses to find new customers, get a better return on ad spend and reduce advertising costs. Personalised ads will use the information people opt to share online such as preferences, interests, and behaviors to match a business’s message with a potential consumer.

It’s Time to Get More Creative On LinkedIn – Available Now 

When creating a post on Linkedin, you now have the option to ‘use a template. This gives users a chance to get more creative on LinkedIn with a choice of varying text formatting and background options for LinkedIn updates.

Unoriginal and Low-Quality Content Will Reduce Ranking On Search Results – Available Now 

A new update from Google will see ranking improvements with a shift to focus on high-quality content and content depth. This will make it easier for users to find the results they want as Google has described the update as prioritising ‘human-first’ content and targeting ‘SEO-first’ content, essentially created with the purpose of ranking highly on search engines.

This announcement comes as Google acknowledges TikTok being used as a search engine, the updates aim to regain the trust of users by delivering quality, relevant results.

Digital out-of-home ads are now in Display & Video 360 – Available Now 

Google has expanded its Display & Video 360 ad placements to include digital out-of-home displays. For advertisers, this means you can schedule ads on display screens outdoors on bus stops, high streets, shopping centers, and stadiums.

Google will use information such as time, day of the week, and location target audiences. For example, a fast food business could advertise in a busy city centre high street during office lunch hours.

Google Are Testing ‘Read Time’ Labels

Google is testing a new feature to add to search results to tell users if the content can be read in 5mins or less. The two labels are ‘Quick Read’ or ‘5 Min. Read’.

It may be important for marketers to think about including shorter content in their strategies.

Trends / What To Watch Out For

The World Cup Will Generate Conversation and Engagement 

It’s time to think about how to implement the World Cup into your content strategy as Twitter has recently revealed interesting insights ahead of excitement building in the lead-up to the World Cup.

53% of Twitter’s active users are fans of the World Cup, brand mentions are increasing by 27%, likes are increasing by 45% and the soccer daily tweet volume is rising daily.

New Promotions Tab on YouTube 

The promotions tab is a new way for creators to promote their channels and videos without Google Ads Manager, although this may be an easier option for creators who wish to run ads independently, creators should exercise caution and learn Google’s best practices.

Pinterest is Predictive

80% of trend predictions Pinterest made in the last two years came true

People come to Pinterest to plan. That means Pinterest is able to gain insights from users to know what’s next. By tapping into these trends, brands can plan ahead to serve customers the products they want.

TikTok Tests a New ‘Nearby’ Content Feed

In addition to its ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ tabs, TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ content feed. This feed will recommend content posted by users in your location and should be a big consideration for brands as it could give brands, particularly those in tourism and hospitality access to a highly engaged and nearby user group.

For example, it may recommend restaurants and things to do and see such as beaches or hiking spots.

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