Reels: Taking Over the Instagram Experience

Reels have become an integral part of the Instagram experience. Now, Instagram video posts are exclusively in Reel format. Some exciting Instagram updates include the ability to watch nearby videos and reels on the Reels tab. Additionally, there are new editing tools available for Reels. These tools enable users to split videos, replace clips seamlessly, adjust speed, and select specific portions of a clip for their Reels. Users can also download publicly posted Reels directly to their camera roll.

Group Profiles: Connecting in Dedicated Spaces

Meta is testing Group Profiles, a feature that allows users to share stories, posts, and Reels with other group members. While it is gradually being rolled out, we eagerly anticipate its availability for users to connect and collaborate within dedicated spaces.

Schedule Posts on Instagram

Instagram is rolling out a scheduled posts feature within the app, bringing convenience to users. Although currently limited to posting within Instagram and not other platforms, it allows users to schedule their posts in advance. To access this feature, go to Advanced Settings when creating a post, click on schedule, and set the desired publication time.

60-Second Stories: Extended Storytelling

Thanks to the new Instagram updates, users can now upload stories that are up to 60 seconds long, eliminating the need for frequent cuts every 15 seconds. This change allows all tags, mentions, captions, links, and locations to remain in the story for a longer period of time, saving users the hassle of repeating the process.

Collaborative Posts: Partnering for Shared Content

Instagram introduces collaborative posts, allowing users to create joint posts that will appear on both their own feed and their collaborator’s feed. It’s as simple as clicking on “Tag People” and “Invite Collaborators” while creating a post.

Insight Updates: Enhanced Analytics for Creators and Businesses

Another Instagram update is that it has once again enhanced its analytics tool, providing creators and businesses with improved insights into the performance of their accounts. Notable changes include the ability to access data from up to 90 days, which is an increase from the previous 30 or 60 days. Additionally, live video performances can now be measured, offering valuable feedback.

Threads: Instagram’s Direct Competitor to Twitter

Meta’s Threads app is easily accessible to anyone with an Instagram account. With a seamless profile setup using your Instagram profile data, we are excited to see how Threads competes with Twitter and the opportunities it will present in the advertising and content partnership space.


Instagram’s updates keep the platform fresh and exciting for its users. From Threads to Reels, Group Profiles, scheduled posts, extended story length, collaborative posts, and improved insights, there are numerous reasons to stay engaged and make the most of the ever-changing Instagram experience in 2023!

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