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Working on your website landing page seems like an obvious starting place for any campaign but it’s often overlooked until the last minute or go live. When you’ve done the hard work of getting ad traffic to your website, you’ll want to keep them there! When building a digital campaign plan, the fundamental of this is where are we linking the ads to?!

My name is Erin McKenna, I am digital marketing executive at RTD working across brand activation, lead gen and ecommerce digital strategies and these are a few of my top tips to maximise your landing page performance when running both on and offline ad campaigns…

  1. Plan – Structure your page by researching and embedding target keywords, align key messages with your ad copy, choose visuals that match your ad creative and have consistent CTAs that offer a simple user journey rather than multiple signposts around your site or app.
  2. Focus – If your main goal is driving leads or sales can the user complete that action on the landing page? Reduce the steps the user needs to take to get them to the end goal. Consider embedding contact forms rather than linking off to another page. If there are multiple conversions available, give priority to the most important, don’t treat all as equal or your page will confuse your user and they may end up taking no action if presented with too many possibilities.
  3. Test – Allow enough time to set up tests, ideally A/B versions of your page will give you the opportunity to know what structure works best, what copy and CTAs drive the best conversions and also allows time to make any fundamental changes to messaging or wider strategy before your campaign goes live. 
  4. Track – Every trackable element on your landing page should be measured so you have clear visibility over performance. Having end to end tracking in place provides the ability to effectively measure ROAS particularly for lead gen and ecommerce campaigns. Think button clicks, form fills or simply hyperlink clicks. Set up a report to specifically look at your landing page key vitals and supplement where possible with tools like HotJar to understand more about how your ad traffic is navigating their way around your campaign landing page. 
  5. Optimise, optimise, optimise! – Leaving your landing page unloved until your campaign has ended is a risky move. Looking at your data throughout should indicate if you need to make changes, either on the page itself or to your ads that direct users to the page. 

As digital marketers we can often focus very narrowly on the ad performance, which is still crucially important and should never be overlooked, but a key part of that journey is what happens to the ad traffic when it hits your site. Having a well prepped landing page as part of the overall campaign journey is essential for success!

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