As we bid farewell to 2023, we turned to team RTD to share their predictions and insights for the Digital Marketing Trends that may shape the marketing landscape in 2024. In this blog, we explore the exciting developments on the horizon.

Erin – Social platforms will become the hottest new search engines

The days of exclusive reliance on Google are evolving, and platforms like TikTok are taking centre stage. In the coming months and years, social media channels are poised to become formidable contenders to traditional search engines.

TikTok, for instance, is not only integrating Google search results but is also enhancing its in-app functionality with robust search tools like Keyword Insights in its Creative Center. This strategic move positions social media platforms as comprehensive hubs for both entertainment and information.

The data from Hootsuite, indicating that social media platforms are the second most popular research avenue for Gen Z shopping decisions, underscores the growing influence of these platforms. As TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram encroach on Google’s territory, it’s evident that the search engine giant has valid reasons to be concerned about the changing dynamics of online search behavior. The digital landscape is undergoing a transformation, and social platforms are emerging as the frontrunners in this evolution.

Bronagh – AI will continue to shape the future of digital marketing

In 2024, organisations plan to significantly increase their use of AI, with a projected 318% surge in customer support and a 260% boost in image editing.

Marketers are advised to understand audience sentiments towards AI, delegate tasks effectively, and establish AI policies for social media alignment. AI is poised to revolutionise digital marketing with hyper-personalised experiences, advanced content creation, and predictive analytics for real-time decision-making.

As we navigate the AI landscape in 2024, maintaining authenticity in content creation remains paramount. It’s clear that AI will persist as a driving force, shaping the future of digital marketing.

Anne – Social media as an evolving e-commerce channel

The lines between search and social have already blurred to the extent that Tik Tok and YouTube are competing with the big guns at Google. But enter an evolving trend I expect to see even more of in 2024; social media shopping. 

With influencers creating a direct link between brands and consumers on their social profiles, the rise of in-app e-commerce options on Instagram but most notable TikTok shop now delivers a seamless social shop experience, with no requirement to leave your scrolling session and visit a separate retail website, your purchases can be completed there and then. 

An exciting option for big brands and small businesses alike, but what does it mean for the future of other online transactions? Will social media become the location for wider services? Maybe not in 2024 but brands positioning themselves at the heart of their customer’s digital landscape, where they know their customers live and breathe, would suggest there could be developments towards this social centric transactional behaviour in the near future. 

Anna – A surge in digital TV inventory

Notably, Amazon’s inclusion of ads in Prime Video and the increasing adoption of ad-supported streaming subscriptions signal the early stages of a substantial influx of connected TV ad inventory into the market. The growth in connected TV ad spend is remarkable, doubling year on year and experiencing a notable 30.8% increase in 2024. This trajectory is driven by major video platforms launching or refining their ad offerings, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of this dynamic channel.

Stephen – Embracing a new era of search: more image and voice search, along with an expansion of the text box search format.

Over the past 25 years, Google search has undergone a remarkable evolution, transcending the confines of traditional text-box searches. As we approach 2024, the ascent of voice and image searches is evident, with anticipated figures exceeding 8 billion voice assistants and 12 billion image searches. The landscape is further reshaped by the influence of Generative AI and evolving filters, revolutionising the dynamics of the text-box format.

This new era in search plays a pivotal role in dismantling accessibility barriers, providing marketers with cutting-edge tools to connect with diverse audiences. Digital marketers stand to gain from the evolving ways consumers seek information. With the increasing adoption of Google Lens and voice-assisted search, backed by Google’s Generative AI, businesses must optimise their profiles to align with these advancements. This ensures they can seamlessly deliver clear, direct answers across all channels. The future of search is dynamic, offering marketers the opportunity to stay ahead by embracing these transformative developments.

As we conclude our journey into the future of digital marketing trends, it’s clear that 2024 is set to be a transformative year for the industry. Our RTD team’s insights have highlighted key trends that will reshape the digital landscape.

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