The ever-changing and evolving nature of digital means that keeping up to date with the latest news and trends is a fundamental aspect of any marketing strategy. 2022 so far has seen some big changes and with no sign of things slowing down! We’ve got you covered with the latest:

The rise of Be Real

As audiences seek out more authentic content, the rise of Be Real as the newest photo sharing social network is rocketing! Away from the filters and editing of instagram, Be Real encourages users to post daily pictures sharing their reality rather than presenting only the best version of themselves. For the digital marketer, it will be interesting to see if brands can use the channel to develop relatability and deeper connections with their audiences, while the advertising model is still unclear and as yet and many influencers are still to make the shift from Tik Tok and Instagram. This channel will be one to watch.

Instagram have now rolled out their new subscription features which include:

  • Subscriber chats
  • Exclusive posts and reels
  • Exclusive tab on your profile

Reels Are Changing

Previously 60 seconds, reels can now be up to 90 seconds long, you can add Story-style stickers and import your own audio.

Twitter are rolling out branded likes and all users now have the ability to ‘unmention’ themselves from any tweet discussion. Twitter launched Notes on selected profiles  which allows users to create long-form, blog post-style content of up to 2,500 words within the platform.

Meta Launches New NFT Display Options on Facebook and Facebook are revamping to feed to feel more like TikTok

Introducing the Feeds tab, where you can view posts from your friends, groups, pages, and more in chronological order. The app will continue to open to a personalised feed on the home tab, where the discovery engine will recommend the content, however the Feeds tab will allow you to further customise and control your experience.

Rise in video content consumption

YouTube have reported that 1.5 billion (which is equivalent to 75%) of its logged-in users watch Shorts

Research carried out by Social Insider andCloud Campaign which analysed 141,474 LinkedIn posts found that videos had the highest engagement per impression rate for small to mid-size accounts (< 50,000 followers). The research also found that the average video view rate on LinkedIn is 15.61%.

LinkedIn Adds New Link Sticker Option

LinkedIn is adding a new way to drive external traffic with a new link sticker that you can add to images in your LinkedIn posts, putting it wherever you want in the frame and in varying sizes.

Google are finding ways to index TikTok and Instagram in their search results

Core services, including Search and Maps, are being impacted by a growing preference for social media and videos as the first stop on younger users’ path to discovery.

YouTube have a new Shopify Integration

Shopify merchants can now feature their products across their YouTube channels and content.

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