Youtube's new report

Youtube’s new report is a move aimed at empowering content creators and streamlining their analytics in Youtube Studio. Youtube’s new report report promises to revolutionise the way creators understand their audience engagement and tailor their content strategy. By breaking down the number of new and returning views by content format, this report provides invaluable insights into the performance of different video formats within a channel.

The Rise of Shorts and Audience Engagement

At the forefront of this new report’s impact is the explosive growth of Shorts, a rapidly expanding content format within the YouTube app. With an astonishing 2 billion YouTube users engaging with Shorts content each month, it’s clear that the demand for short-form videos is on the rise. YouTube’s strategic push for creators to generate more short clips not only caters to this growing demand but also enhances channel visibility. The report emphasises the influence of Shorts by quantifying its impact on audience engagement. 

Live Videos and Channel Focus

While Shorts undoubtedly takes centre stage, it’s important to note that live videos also play a pivotal role in audience engagement for many channels. With the new report, creators can now obtain a more precise breakdown of viewer engagement based on format. This feature proves beneficial in determining the specific formats that resonate most with their audience, thereby guiding creators to allocate their efforts more effectively. Whether it’s the instant connection of live videos or the snackable appeal of Shorts, this report provides the data to make informed content decisions.

Adapting and Experimenting

The introduction of this comprehensive analytics overview underscores the dynamic nature of content creation and consumption. With YouTube’s new report in play, creators are equipped to adjust their strategies in response to viewer preferences. If you haven’t explored short-form videos yet, now is the time to experiment. As YouTube expands its support for Shorts, creators who embrace this format stand to gain the most from the surge in audience interest. By analysing the data provided in the report, creators can tailor their content to match what their viewers are seeking on YouTube and beyond.


The unveiling of YouTube’s new report within YouTube Studio marks a significant step forward in enhancing creators’ understanding of their channel’s performance. By offering a detailed breakdown of views by content format, the report underscores the dominance of Shorts and the potential of live videos. This empowers creators to refine their content strategy, maximise engagement, and ultimately create a more compelling viewing experience. As the analytics overview begins to roll out, content creators have a golden opportunity to harness these insights and embark on a journey of increased audience connectivity and growth.

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